4 Travel Tips To Experience Bordeaux Like A Local 2024

Bordeaux is a popular city because of its rich history and culture, which attract tourists from all over the world. Almost 1.82 million tourists visited cultural places in 2023. Bordeaux is more than just a city bearing the name of the well-known French wine.

Many tourists love visiting the place for its premium wine. It is understandable why even Parisians are moving to Bordeaux; the city boasts 350 historic structures and monuments, dozens of museums and art galleries, a brand-new wine experience center, and some of France’s best gastronomy.

The strong history and abundance of resources for their specialties have made Bordeaux a rich culture to explore. Planning a trip to Bordeaux might feel like spending a lot, but you can explore the place like a local if you know the right tips. Further, the blog will cover travel tips to experience Bordeaux like a local.

Different Essential Travel Tips To Experience Bordeaux Like A Local 2024:

Different Essential Travel Tips To Experience Bordeaux Like A Local 2024

Due to the region’s renowned terroir, Bordeaux wines are frequently among the most costly in the world, making it the indisputable wine capital of the world. Other than that, they are famous for their architecture as well. The city is second only to Paris in France for the total number of protected buildings.

There are other attractions as well, like the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux, the Place de la Bourse, and many more. If you are planning to visit Bordeaux, then to make your trip worth your time and money, you can check out France Off The Beaten Path and get more insights about Bordeaux.

Visit Local Bakeries For Fresh Pastries:

France is known for its bakeries and pastries, which make them one of a kind. You can start your day by checking out local markets or cafes that are well-known in the local area. Have breakfast at a local bakery (boulangerie) to start your day off in a traditional French manner.

First, look at the local yet famous things you need to try so that you don’t eat unnecessarily. Sample some classic pastries like pain au chocolat, croissants, or the regional delicacy, canelés.

Canelés are chewy local delights, such as an acidic lemon tart topped with airy meringue, buttery chocolatine (the local term for pain au chocolat), or inventive and enticing macaron flavors. Different local businesses have their tastes and recipes, which make them unique from one another.

If you are looking for some well-known places for testing pastries, then Pierre Mathieu, on the Place Pey Berland in the center of Bordeaux, is regarded as one of the greatest spots for pastries and sweets in the city, offering both classic and creative options. You can check out other places as well, where you can get a different taste from others.

Arrange Your Visit Depending On The Seasons:

Bordeaux has distinct attractions all year round. You will find some places that might feel slightly different during different seasons. For instance, summer brings hot weather and busy streets, but spring and fall are especially nice for temperate weather and few tourists.

Winter has fewer visitors and a more homey feel; however, some attractions could only be open during certain hours. It is crucial to check the timing of the attractions so that you don’t feel disappointed if the place is closed.

You can plan your trip in May through October when the weather warms and the days are long and sunny when Bordeaux is at its best. At this time, the climate is moderate and favorable for the city as well as for tourists.

Also, there will be noticeably less to see in the city proper in August and December as many companies close for their yearly holidays. On the plus side, this means fewer tourists. According to your availability and convenience, you can choose the time of your trip.

Respect Wine Tasting Etiquette:

Respect Wine Tasting Etiquette

Bordeaux is known for their wine, so if you are specifically going there to taste the astonishing wine, then it is crucial to know some wine etiquette first. When attending wine tastings at vineyards, keep in mind to act appropriately. You need to be cautious and listen to them carefully so that you can get the most out of the wine session and experience the taste in the best way.

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while tasting them. This involves showing consideration for the time and knowledge of the winemakers, refraining from wearing overpowering perfumes or colognes and avoiding spitting out wine after tasting, especially if you intend to drive. You need to respect the conditions and the tasting sessions so that they do not have a bad impact on you.

Go For Convenient Transportation:

Bordeaux has a marvelous transportation system like trams, buses, taxis, and water taxis, but you need to choose the one that will be most convenient for you. Trams are considered easy transportation for tourists. Bordeaux’s vast tram network reaches most parts of the city and its environs.

The trams run often throughout the day and are contemporary, hygienic, and simple to operate. Any tourist from all over the world can easily learn to operate the tram. To pay for your fare, use the ticket vending machines at tram stops denoted by a “T” symbol.

Another convenient way to travel is to use a good bike service in Bordeaux. Bordeaux has stations spread over the city for its bike-sharing program, VéloCub. At any station, you can rent a bike with a credit card and return it to any other station when you’re through.

Riding is a popular and practical way to get around Bordeaux because of the large number of bike lanes and riding pathways in the city. You can research it well and reach out to reliable sources for their access.



There are more than 6,000 winegrowers in Bordeaux, and the number is increasing rapidly because of their marvelous wine-producing power and taste. Other than that, the attractions and delicacies also play a major factor in attracting tourists.

If you want to experience Bordeaux like a local, then be familiar with the smallest yet most important thing about the place. This way, you will be able to have a satisfactory experience.