Top 4 Areas Of London For Tourists In 2024

London is just unbelievably massive, both in terms of how many people live there and how much space it spans across. Like, nearly 9 million residents in one city is nuts. But with it being the capital of England and such an important business, arts, or sports city worldwide, it draws everyone there.

And forget planning much when you only have a couple weeks to visit – there’s always a million things going on every day. You could try and see a show or event every hour and still miss half the stuff!

But that’s also part of what makes it so cool, at least in my opinion. No matter what neighborhood you’re in, you’re bound to find some pop-up market, street performers or festival just happening around the next corner.

So always plan. And if you are looking for something truly unique that can be seen only in London, click here. We will now share more details about the top areas of London, and help you get the most out of your time there.

1. West End


The West End is definitely one of the coolest parts of London to check out. You come up above ground at Leicester Square station and boom, right away you’re surrounded by like a zillion crazy bright lights advertising all the big name shows playing. It’s nuts!

And don’t forget to glance up at the old theaters too – some of those buildings have been around for ages and look awesome all lit up at night.

I spent one evening just wandering down Shaftesbury Avenue taking it all in. You could feel the excitement buzzing around, especially closer to showtimes when people were heading in. Stopped to snap a selfie in front of one place too – who knows, maybe a celeb was inside!

After all that walking around I worked up an appetite big time. Thankfully there’s no shortage of food in that area. Whether you want a quick bite or a nice sit down meal, there’s spots serving up cuisines from across the globe.

Even grabbed dinner one time in Piccadilly Circus, which was pretty sweet – love how they lit the whole circle up at night. Oh and definitely do some shopping too – loads of options on Regent Street or in Soho.

During the day I caught some free music over at Trafalgar Square before checking out the National Gallery.

2. South Bank


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The South Bank area is really cool cause you basically get front-row seats to some of the best views of London right along the Thames. It’s non-stop energy running from around the London Eye all the way to Tower Bridge.

Definitely hit up the Eye first thing – nothing like seeing everything from way up high like that. Spin around slow in one of the glass capsules taking in all the iconic sights, from old school buildings to modern skyscrapers.

Once back on solid ground, wander east along the Thames past the houses of parliament and iconic Big Ben. Stop to watch the Thames up close or enjoy street performances along the way. Soon you’ll spot Shakespeare’s Globe, a replica Elizabethan playhouse where shows are performed throughout the year.

A little further along the Bankside lies Tate Modern, London’s favorite contemporary art gallery housed in the iconic Battersea Power Station. Drop in to see whichever exhibitions pique your interest.

You can’t visit the South Bank without browsing the food stalls of Borough Market. Enjoy sausage sandwiches, Spanish tapas, paella or crepes as you soak up the lively bustle. Re-energized, cross Southwark Bridge towards Tower Bridge. Pause here to behold this majestic steel bridge flanked by the Tower of London.

3. Kensington Area

Kensington’s definitely one of the fancier parts of the city, that’s for sure. Even if you ain’t rolling in dough it’s worth checking out cause the whole neighborhood is just straight up gorgeous. You gotta start off your time there by heading into Kensington Gardens – the huge park feels worlds away from the bustle of the rest of London.

Me and the family spent like an hour just wandering around taking in all the greenery and flowers, was so peaceful.

Next on your itinerary should be the grand museums of Albertopolis. Spend an afternoon pondering wonderful discoveries at the Natural History Museum, home to the iconic dinosaur exhibit, or tour ingenious inventions at the Science Museum.

Both provide endless fascination for curious minds of all ages. Remember to observe details on the grand Victorian buildings housing each.

When hunger calls, hop on the Circle Line one stop to South Kensington for a bite. Here you’ll find cuisines from around the globe alongside the iconic Harrods department store. Browse its displays if you’re looking for London gifts and souvenirs. As the sun sets, return westwards to Kensington High Street where shops stay open late.

4. City of London


At the heart of Britain’s financial district lies the ‘Square Mile’ of the City of London. Dominated by skyscrapers and suited folk, it maintains historic charm among the corporate buzz. Your visit should begin at Tower Hill tube, from where the iconic Tower of London comes into view.

Spend time learning its imposing yet fascinating history. Afterwards, stroll the cobbled streets toward St Paul’s Cathedral, its graceful dome towering above.

Pause to admire Christopher Wren’s architectural marvel inside before exploring the galleries of the Museum of London nearby. Here interactive exhibits showcase London’s remarkable story dating back to Roman times. Fuel up with lunch from one of the nearby cafes or pubs serving traditional English fare. A tip – some were once frequented by Charles Dickens!

After refueling, make your way to Paternoster Square, where you’ll find yourself surrounded by commerce. Stop to watch the frenetic trading action on screens inside the London Stock Exchange viewing gallery. As the work day reaches its end, linger awhile in the square to people-watch the suited workers enjoying the sun.

The Bottom Line

Those are all good places to see different things, whether you like shows or parks or museums.

The West End has all the theaters and Piccadilly Circus, South Bank you can walk by the Thames and see Big Ben and the London Eye.

Kensington’s got Hyde Park and the Science Museum. And in the City you can see St. Paul’s Cathedral and learn about history. But also don’t forget to just walk around and see what else you find, you never know what cool stuff you’ll see